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Dnipro river

Dnipro river is a great river which links three nations: Ukrainians, Russians and Byelorussians. Dnipro is the third largest river in Europe. Its beauty is striking. Many famous poets and writers poetized it, a Great Russian writer Nikolay Gogol said: “A rare bird will reach the middle of the river.

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Carpathian Mountains

Turkish fortress, Polish church with an attached minaret, Armenian market district, several Orthodox and Catholic churches and a couple of synagogues. More to the west Lviv has a collection of all the samples of European architecture XV-XIX centuries from gothic and Renaissance to Vienna Secession.

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To the east of the Dnipro river there is a plain region, this is the country of famous boundless Ukrainian steep. Kharkov former capital of Ukraine is the second largest Ukrainian city. Eastern Ukrainian steeps go into the famous warm blue waters and spacious sandy beaches of the Sea of Azov and the Crimea.

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How to Impress Russian Women Online

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