Tours to Ukraine

What you hear is true, there is really no other place like Ukraine. Where else in the world, a man in his 40’s gets a mid-twenties model-look-alike? Nowhere! This just doesn’t happen in the western civilization. My personal experience, Ukraine holds some of the most sincere, intelligent, and beautiful marriage minded ladies. If beautiful had a capital, this would be its place.

Before making your big step and taking our tour, we prefer to consult with each man on a personal basis. This procedure allows us to discover each person’s character and personal needs. Each man has his own preferences when it comes to a russian woman. Out of personal experiences we have found its better you seek someone a little closer to your age when seeking a beautiful russian lady. What this means is about a ten or fifteen year difference, this is standard in the former FSU countries. The russian woman mindset here is not based on age, looks, or level of society, but of a good moral character. You will notice russian dating and marriage is different from anything you experienced in the west. 

If you’re looking for a one-night affair, skip us and go elsewhere! If you wish to contact russian escorts don't even bother booking a ukrainian tour with us. We are not a russian women escort brokerage firm! Our tours are not designed for the promiscuous gentleme former FSU countries n seeking intimate encounters with foriegn women. Our beautiful russian ladies are not prostitutes, these single sexy girls are of good moral character and are first-class. We want men with only the best intentions who are seeking a russian or ukrainian bride for love and marriage.


If you’re seeking a sophisticated beautiful slavic woman with dignity, class, a sexy accent, good morals, and someone who actually cares about her appearance…we can help. We will assist you to pursue a beautiful exotic foreign girl. Our elite level of services will make your stay more convenient and hassle-free. There are many romance tours on the market, most claim they’re the best. Everyone wants your business this is true but ask yourself one question, “What level of service am I getting?” Our agency won’t run you like cattle, we will give each and every individual the personalized attention they deserve when looking for their russian soulmate . 

Our tour packages are very reasonably priced. Cady introductions will also tailor a match making tour based on your personal needs, this seems to be our most popular option. This does not include transportation from your country. Our expertise is exclusively and only throughout Ukraine, so you won’t have to go all over Eastern Europe trying to find your russian, ukrainian, or eastern european woman.

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