Seeking the best wives from Russia

There are so many stories about happy international marriages between Russian lady and her Western husband. And I always wanted to be the one who has a chance to write such story. And here it follows.

 Russian ladies always attracted me and I made some studies about their culture, traditions and the way they organize their weddings. Among that, women from Slavic countries, especially the Russian ones, grow up in the families where both parents pay attention to them being good mothers and wives so they become family-oriented persons.

I made a decision I would find such wife on the Internet but was afraid to stick with suspicious users. My goal was to find a service that could potentially provide me a system full of real single ladies’ accounts looking for their husbands from abroad. I was lucky enough to find and by following simple tips the website offered me I managed to create a family.

First of all, I signed up and had to wait some time for being verified. Whilst creating a profile I had to provide next info:

  • Country.
  • City or state.
  • Unique nickname.
  • Personal e-mail.
  • The password that should contain particular symbols to be able to provide the highest protection.
  • Date of birth.

Afterward, I got the opportunity to use plenty of different additional features and tools that usually make the process of dating Russians easier. Among them was the list of free tips and advice so I could read more about:

  • The mentality of my future wife.
  • Her stereotypes.
  • What kind of mother she is and so on.
  • Translation services. Fortunately, due to this feature, I forgot about me and my lady from Russia being native speakers of completely different languages after getting the support of professional translator.
  • Search engines. Quick and advanced search engines help foreigners to find a match according to their personal tastes and stereotypes. In fact, I used the second option to find my future wife by her body type, weight, height, planning to have or adopt the baby, city or region of the country and so on. For the ones who are afraid to be caught by the not real lady, there is a trust level option that can be also chosen on search engines.
  • Live support 24/7. The professional team of the system is always ready to provide their assistance by replying to members’ messages and requests. They also can speak a few languages fluently so that all the people can get professional assistance.
  • List of frequently asked questions. On this list I was able to find useful information that helped to solve some questions all the foreigners have before visiting Russia – whether we need a visa and similar documents and so on.
  • Chatting online. In my opinion, being in contact with a lady that you are obsessed with is number one priority even when it comes to online dating. But how to support that contact? The online dating service I chose gave the opportunity to use online chats, as well as the video one. However, the first one is very easy and practical to use while video chatting may require having particular computer equipment. But both of them are very effective.
  • Send a gift to your girlfriend. This feature gave me an opportunity to celebrate our anniversary of dating online for quite a long time so I had the chance to surprise my future wife. I also managed to get a piece of advice on what the present is the best for Russian lady and sending it was organized by the team of The Russian Wife online service as well.

Besides these informative articles I was offered to use next services:

And this is my story which I am glad I had the chance to tell it. Maybe, it will help someone to find his love with the dating service’s help and support.

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