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Cady Introductions cares about our clients being comfortable and relaxed when seeking russian beautiful ladies. We give each and every client the utmost personalized attention to better assist you in your journey. When taking our tours you will immediately understand each process.

Our tours are structured specifically for the men seeking these beautiful euroladies for dating and marriage. We conduct interviews between you and the russian gals of your choice, this helps you both understand each other. About two-thirds of our ladies speak English; for those who don’t, a multi-lingual staff member will help conduct the interview. Don't assume these girls are russianbrides and you can get married now. You will need to see if there is any chemistry between the both of you first. When finally meeting ukrainian lady you personally admire, simply ask for her phone number and ask to see her later. This might win you the hand of a beautiful ukrainian girl.

We feel one of our experienced associates should sit in on your first meetings to understand more less what you are looking for. The reasoning we do this is to minimize any time wasted. Our associates want you to meet as many compatible russian ladies within your given time frame. Anytime wasted won’t help you in your search in finding a beautiful russian or ukrainian lady, we personally want you to find a marriage minded russian woman while in Ukraine.

- Visa support - we write your invitation letter, this is crucial for some countries. 

- Kiev welcoming Package - This includes a metro map, city map, Kiev Post, and the latest edition of “What’s on in Kiev”. This better helps you navigate and discover the scene in Kiev. 

- Unlimited Introductions – You will meet countless beautiful russian and ukrainian ladies throughout your tour.
- Personal Secretary - Will help handle your schedule and contact and set up meetings with the ladies of your choice during business hours. She will assist in your meetings with ladies that don’t speak English and translate your conversations. 
- Airport transfers - We will pick you up and drop you at your doorstep, most drivers are English speaking and very friendly. If by any chance the driver is not English speaking, a guide-interpreter-russian translator will escort you along with the driver.
- Western Style Apartment – Staying in one of our apartments in the center of the city is a wonderful way to enjoy Kiev or any other Ukrainian city. We will put you in a comfortable and safe luxury setting with amenities you will find here in the west.
- Three sight seeing tours - Three four-hour tours around the historical Ukrainian cities. Our professional English speaking russian tour guides are available for up to 8 hours a day. If you wish to use their services past this point the charge will be $10.00 per hour.
- Grocery list - Elena goes shopping for you! Need some steak and eggs or a bottle of champagne, we will take care of it. E-mail us your list prior to your departure and the groceries will be stocked in the refrigerator and cabinets before your arrival. 
Note: Grocery lists will not exceed 100.00 usd, this is included in the price of the tour package.
- Mobile phone - we supply you with mobile phone for your stay, Minutes or tariffs are not included, this can be easily purchased at any news stand are small grocery store.
- Dating arrangements - do you have someone you are interested in and need a little help? Our staff will attempt to get you the date. This includes all russian and ukrainian ladies in the Cady Introductions database and any other ladies you might have met during your tour. 

Note: Your responsible for the all costs of transportation for Ladies traveling to and from other cities.

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