How to save money on hookup apps - Safe dating in Ukraine

There are lots of good men who want to show their best sides in the affair. Many Ukraine girls deserve that, no doubt. But we need to know how to save money on hookup apps.

A genuine Ukrainian woman always understands which expenses are vital and which ones are just a devastating whim. There’s no need for endless shopping or eating at luxy places.

If a girl comes from a wealthy family, which is still possible in Ukraine, she might be a bit spoiled and naïve. Try to explain to her you’re in a tough situation right now, otherwise, just leave.

Avoid money-wasters in hookups

If there’s some urgent need, at your discretion you can surely express generosity and kindness. But no one should ever pressure you forcing to be generous against your will.

There are stories western men share, when a Russian girl needed to heal literally all teeth and it costed a fortune. In another case, a Ukrainian woman got cancer soon after the acquaintance.

You can do charity in these developing countries, but remember you are seeking NSA affairs. There are no duties or obligations, and you can focus on personals who are fully ok at the moment.

Safe and cheap dating

Caution is always appropriate, especially when you’re going abroad and your emotional side is involved. There’s no need to go very fearful, just reasonable.

There are helpful services such as translations, sex tours, accommodation booking, it’s all understood. But remember how to save money on hookup apps.

But one should get suspicious if most girls on a hookup site claim to suffer from civil conflicts or bankruptcy.

People who lost anything are getting support from the government. So, better do not play a knight savior and mind your own pleasure.


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