Are Russian women on FetLife: Meet Eastern European kinky mates

The biggest Russian cities have been progressive in sex even during the Soviet times when it seemed forbidden. Today, the BDSM subculture isn’t rare there, along with other kinks.

If you wonder are Russian women on FetLife, then yes, many of them. Not just escort gals who specialize in fetishes, but also regular girls and women who like experimenting.

Daddy - baby thing

What responds the best to Russian mentality is the daddy-baby roleplay concept. These girls like to be cared about and to feel a father figure nearby. But it’s already a light submission.

A big section of FetLife is dedicated to this cute kink. It actually helps women understand themselves better and get much more pleasure from intercourse and eroticism.

Tie me up tonight

Sex tourists who visit Russia often, may have already noticed that girls do not mind bondage at all. Just they need a certain degree of passion and chemistry, as well as trust and FWB.

This kind of communication is easily established on FetLife. Simply indicate in your profile you like to tie up your sex partner, and girls will see that from the start then contact you.

Two girls at once

Since the end of the 80s, escort personals in Russia were offering this kind of service, two girls buddies on one adult session. Lesbian games aren’t something very shocking there.

It’s still a tradition that providers and masseuses who are friends, accept visiting a man as a sex team. It makes them feel safer, and definitely brings much more excitement.

If you just started wondering are Russian women on FetLife, many surprises are waiting for you. This experience is indeed worthy of having, and one should try hooking up in Moscow.


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