Anti Scam

Cady Introductions has a zero tolerance policy for scammers

Cady Introductions in NO way practices deceptive business acts, neither promotes fake marriages to cheat customers out of their money. We do everything to divert all scammers from using our network. We have a job 24/7 trying to block scammers out of our database! Cady Introductions needs your HELP! If you ever run across anyone asking you for money for visa, airfares, or sick relatives, please contact customer support immediately! Their techniques continue to get smoother as time goes on, don’t be a victim!

The truth about anti scam

Don’t let the paid sites tell you they have a better anti-scam policy. Usually, they are hooked up with some anti scam site giving them kickbacks for anchoring their text link on their page for better page ranks within the search engines. I have nothing against these sites and some of them are very good. The bottom line is, a scammer is a scammer and they can take you here, or at the paid sites. Please use common sense when using our services or even someone else’s dating network. If ever running across these individuals we expect you to contact us immediately so we can take action against swindlers.

Here are some simple steps to avoid being taken by a scammer:

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1. Never send a wire transaction to anyone for any reason. 2. Never give any credit card or financial information to anyone.

Here are some examples of typical sample scams,

Needs help for family or sick relatives

Visa or transportation costs to your country

Costs for internet cafe and translation costs

Agency requesting additional funds for correspondence

Food for thought

You must be aware of the individuals online who are extremely savvy, they continue to develop techniques to extract your hard earned money. Why do they do this? It is simple, why work for a living when there are enough people who don’t mind supporting you. Guys, please use your better judgment when corresponding. Be witty and don’t be a fool!

Scammers at work

The basic routine of a scammer is very simple, it’s easy to decode a scammer at first sight of a letter. First, if she is a member of an agency, E-mailing through the agency is one of the first indications. After so many letters some incompetent manager will contact you saying, ‘In order for you to continue corresponding with Elena you must pay her internet and translation fee”. This is bullshit! Can you believe that? The truth is you were probably corresponding with the manger all along. Second, The good ole tourist visa scam, this is my favorite! After so many letters she wants to visit you, but needs the money for the plane tickets and the visa. So you being Mr. Nice Guy; send her the money via Western Union. She still continues to send you loving E-mails; your expectations are probably beyond belief now. Finally, the day of her arrival! You’re at the airport waiting and waiting you say to yourself, “Maybe her plane is late”, and no you got screwed. Sorry, No women from the former FSU would ever get approved for a tourist visa, there is still a 1% chance though. So let’s put this in to prospective, your chances of winning the lottery are about as good as hers getting a tourist visa. Please save yourselves the money and heartache and never send money!

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